Paintings to Ignite Body, Spirit, Heart and Soul - The 33 Teaching Paintings of Intentional Creativity Shelter of the SacredChief SoulfireDaughter of the Milky WayWheel of Holy FireAlchemist of ConsciousnessVisionary of Quantum PossibilityLightbearer of Unexpected GraceMothershipRe-Education of the MuseRiver of LightCrucibleThe Author of My LegendShe Who Transforms Lives Into LegendsIlluminationMolting my ArchetypeShe Owns Her MagicKeeper of Hidden WisdomClan MotherBeyond the Veil of the Known WorldsI See YouAwake to Her PathSacred SpaceCaptain of the PossibleWe Are A CreationKeeper of StoriesMagdalene's GiftsShe PerceivesSummoning the Guides